5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Work With a Professional Home Buyer in Denver, CO vs. an iBuyer user

by Nov 12, 2022

The advantages that iBuyer may appear to provide are far outweighed by the drawbacks that lurk below the surface. On a broad scale, sellers frequently complain about iBuyer, claiming that questions and concerns go unaddressed – as if the organization doesn’t seem to care about the people that use their system.

Here are the five reasons you should work with a professional home buyer in Denver, CO vs. iBuyer. Professional buyers are part of the community and only want to help individuals living there. They are the most familiar with the area’s value, as well as the proper process for selling a property. At Blue Halo Homes, we take the time to listen to the sellers we want to do business with, so we can provide them the best possible offer we can for their property.


iBuyers, or online home buyers, may offer a fast and seemingly easy sale for your house. However, sales often include hidden fees that eat away at your final payment.

Users on iBuyer are not local to Denver, so they might not be familiar with the market value of houses in the area. This could lead to you selling your home for less than it is actually worth. Therefore, instead of going through iBuyer, it is usually advisable to sell your home through a professional buyer who will be more knowledgeable about fair prices in the local market. A professional buyer will be upfront with you about payments, as well as the nitty-gritty of selling.

At Blue Halo Homes, we pride ourselves on being professional buyers that offer fair prices with no hidden fees. When you begin working with us, you can rest assured knowing the amount in the sales agreement will be the exact same amount received at closing. In today’s market, it’s better to work with a professional home buyer like us in Denver, CO rather than an iBuyer user.


Contingencies are a common feature of iBuyer deals, as buyers often impose their own requirements. Sellers should ensure that the property is structurally sound before selling it to an iBuyer user, since the cost of repairing any defects discovered during an inspection will be deducted from the sale price. This system was devised by iBuyer in order to avoid bearing the costs of these repairs; they have no concern for how you’ll come up with the extra cash before closing.

It’s always best to work with a professional home buyer when selling your house as-is. Thanks to our experience, we understand all the risks involved and can offer relief to an already strained homeowner. By selling your house directly to Blue Halo Homes, you can avoid the anxiety of paying for strenuous repairs before you ever make a penny of profit.

Holding Costs

In today’s market, sellers must be much more proactive when competing for a buyer’s attention. iBuyer lacks any sense of responsibility for the difficulties you might encounter or how long the process takes, and they can just move on to the next unsuspecting seller. While dangling the carrot of extremely quick closings, it’s possible that the contract you’ll be presented with is laced with contingencies, necessitating repairs that will lengthen closing dates. Holding two homes means double living expenses and repair costs until your contract terms are met, in addition to paying double rent while you rebuild your home.

Sell to a professional home buyer in Denver

At Blue Halo Homes, we close in as little as 14 days. We buy houses in Denver, Colorado for 100% fair cash offers. Our fast process lets you leave all of your concerns behind, making working with a professional home buyer in Denver, CO vs. an iBuyer more pleasant.

By taking the time to understand the difference between iBuyer and professional buyers like Blue Halo Homes, you’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress in the future. Our team’s only goal is helping you solve your problems, which makes us much better compared to an iBuyer.

If you’re still not sure, message or call us today so that we can chat!

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