5 Things You Don’t Know About Professional Home Buyers In Denver

by Dec 5, 2022

Before you list your home, there are many things to think about. How long will my home sit on the market? What repairs does it need, and how much will it cost?

Could the buyer find something wrong with the house after closing and sue me? If I use a realtor, can I afford their commission fees? If you have other inquiries or want to know what else to consider before selling, give us a call at (303) 457-1181.

As-Is Purchases

Professional home buyers will oftentimes purchase homes in Denver as-is, so as a seller, you don’t have to worry about detailed repairs or any other sudden expenses.

Professional home buyers, after purchasing your property, will typically be the ones to handle the needed expenses after the process. And actually, some companies don’t require inspections at all, making it an easy and simple transaction for all parties involved. This as-is approach will spare you the long hours of having to inspect the property yourself, as well as the additional expenses that come with keeping up the house’s condition.

Easy Closings

Professional home buyers usually close on a property faster than regular home buyers, and they typically pay in cash. A regular home purchase often requires the buyer to go through a bank for qualification, but that takes up time that a professional buyer doesn’t have. There are also normally no commissions paid to agents, which saves both the buyer and seller thousands of dollars.

Most commonly, people selling their home have to pay a 3% commission on both the buyer’s and seller’s side. So if your home is sold for $200,000, you would have to foot a $12,000 bill in commissions! However, professional home buyers may not charge any transaction fees; and even if they do charge costs, it pales in comparison to the standard commission or closing costs. They also provide mail-away closings as an additional service for out-of-state sellers.

Extended Occupancy

Professional home buyers understand that you’re not just selling a house but an investment. And with that in mind, they are flexible with terms like move-out timelines. In fact, you won’t even be expected to clean the home before leaving — you can simply pack the personal belongings and furniture and leave the rest behind.

Ensure that the professional home buyer you are speaking to is amenable to the conditions you’ve set, so the sale can be a smooth transaction between you and the buyer.

Stress-Free Selling

If you use a professional home buyer in Denver, Colorado when selling your house, you will not experience the emotional ups and downs often associated with this process. In addition, there are none of the other inconveniences that come along with trying to sell your own home, such as random showings while you’re at work or having to keep your house spotless every day. You won’t need to feel the anxiety of sudden phone calls during important meetings or family gatherings or needing to pause what you’re doing to show them the property.

With us, you don’t have to stress about meeting the buyer’s agent or their clients and awkwardly answering questions. Not to mention haggling over furniture arrangements with buyers — something you won’t have to endure.

Less Risk

Selling to a professional home buyer is almost always easy and effortless. They will explain every step of the process and have straightforward contracts that are simple as-is purchase agreements. You will also be at less risk for legal problems. You won’t need to stress about the buyer finding something you didn’t disclose or not liking something about the property or neighborhood after they buy it.

Home buyers who work with professionals know the state of the property and are willing to take on any potential risks. Traditional real estate contracts give buyers the opportunity to sue sellers if they feel misled or that information was withheld from them.

If you want to sell your home right away and without any hassle, we buy houses in Denver, Colorado for 100% fair cash offers which we give our clients in as little as seven days. We’re the best professional home buyers in Denver, hands down and contacting us is as easy as clicking this link. We look forward to speaking with you here at Blue Halo Homes!

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