A Quick Guide to Selling Your Denver House As-Is

by Aug 25, 2022

You might be thinking about selling your Denver house as-is after adding up the costs and repairs. So be it if you have to lower your price. Besides, you don’t have time or money to do all the work, and you’d rather just collect a decent sum.

But what is in it for you when selling your house as-is? Here are some common tips when selling a Denver house as-is.

What is an “As-Is” Sale?

As-is means a buyer buys a house in its current condition. That means you won’t have to do any repairs even if they come up in an inspection. The buyer is willing to purchase a house in its current state with full knowledge of its condition.

Still, if you own a home in Denver that requires several repairs while you do not have the finances, or simply don’t have the time or desire to undergo the stress of home remodeling, you may consider selling as-is.

However, the biggest con of selling as-is are the low offers. You might not get the full value of your house upon sale. When you neglect to make a quick fix, you could be letting a buyer devalue your Denver home because of a minor cosmetic issue.

Things to Do When Selling As-Is

Before you decide how to sell as-is, here are some things you should do before finally selling:


Provide disclosures

Seling your Denver home as-is shouldn’t be a way to avoid telling buyers your roof leaks or your plumbing needs to be replaced. You could get sued if you don’t disclose information in Colorado law.


Label your listing “as-is”

Buyers will assume a sale is a regular one unless the listing says the house is being sold as-is. You’ll be able to connect with the right prospective buyers if you include “as-is” in the listing.

Consider a pre-listing inspection

In the process of selling your Denver home as-is, a pre-listing inspection gives you transparency into your house’s condition. You’ll get more non-contingent offers if you’re up front about everything. Buyers will know exactly what’s wrong with the house and make an offer accordingly.

Your Options When Selling As-Is

Selling as-is, like any other home sale, gives you two options:

Selling through an agent

Maybe your house isn’t totally worn down and you’re willing to see what kind of deal you can get. You can list your home for sale, ideally with a pre-listing inspection and disclosures, at a fair price while you try to do as little work as possible.

If you’re selling as-is, you need a real estate agent who will protect you from unscrupulous buyers and take a hard line on negotiations. Those agents do a lot of homework, check out buyers’ reputations, look for renegotiation attempts, and help you make the right decision.

Requesting a cash offer

Cash home buying companies, rental investors, or flippers who buy using cash are used to buying homes as-is — at least compared to traditional buyers. Most cash home buyers buy off-market, so you’ll have to go to them instead of the other way around. In contrast to someone who needs financing, cash home buyers in Denver can move more quickly and nimbly. Once they make a cash offer, you can accept it on your chosen schedule. The cash will be yours in a matter of days or weeks.

When choosing this option, it’s best to find the right cash home buying company for you. Visit their website and see what they have to offer. Then, call those who made it to your shortlist. Don’t just consider their offers when selecting the right cash home buyer. Your choice should also include the support the cash home buyer will give you throughout the process.

Sell Your Denver House Fast Today

When you’re planning to sell your house as-is, head to a trusted cash home buyer like Blue Halo Homes, LLC. For years, we have been buying houses in Denver and other areas in Colorado.

You don’t want to jump through hoops, and neither do we. With no surprises, we’ll buy your house as-is for cash. No closing costs. No inspections. No commissions. It can happen in a few days. Every step of the way, we will guide you and focus on your needs. We invest a lot in the right technology and hire the best people to help you.

Ready to sell your home? Call us today at (303) 457-1181 to get started.

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